Gabby RN

A heroic Kansas City nurse working alone in a rundown hospital during the pandemic recruits her paramedic father to help save lives, but the bitter hospital chief wants her fired for insubordination.


Gabby Appliski is a courageous nurse in Kansas City, trying to save the patients on her floor. But she’s running out of time and the hospital is out of resources. That’s when she recruits her father (a paramedic) to help. 

Gabby buys antiviral drugs on the black market and steals ventilators for her Covid-19 patients. This criminal activity gets her fired, but not before the hospital chief covers it up to avoid losing her job, too.

When the CDC gets notified of the incredible “success” rate at healing these patients they dispatch a leading viral researcher to discover how Gabby cured an entire floor of people.

Gabby gets rehired as part of a secret deal to continue the coverup and is promoted to head nurse tasked with preparing the hospital for success in a post-pandemic world.

Each episode explores how Gabby navigates this widening investigation as her character arc transforms her from a rough-around-the-edges smartass to being nominated for a prestigious nursing award called a “Daisy.” Her strength, character and intellect are on full display.